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Dallas, Texas

+1 (214) 302-7814


Your Home Solutions Experts

Turning Distress into Relief

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Facing challenges with your property?

We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for distressed homeowners, offering a way out of tough situations.

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We understand the emotional and financial burden distress properties can bring.

Our mission is to support you through these challenges with tailored solutions.

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Real estate bliss


Gavel Decides Foreclosure

Foreclosure Experts

Legal consulting services, legal negotiations, lawyers shake hands with clients after negotiating an agreement.

Avoid Legal Fees

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Expert Lender Negotiation

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Secure Quick Cash Solutions

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1 Phone Appointment

Initiate a phone assessment to understand your situation and priorities.

2 Explore Strategies

Discover potential alternatives to address the situation leveraging our expertise in foreclosure management and adept negotiation skills with lenders, if required.

3 Optimal Course

Determine the most optimal course of action based on the current situation.

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4 Purchase Proposal

We will present you with an initial purchase offer, complete with contract terms and conditions: if the last option is to sell.

5 Buying Process

We will expertly manage all seller-related tasks throughout the home purchase process, ensuring a smooth transaction and allowing you the freedom.

6 Cash Payment

Ensure a prompt and immediate cash payment.

Any situation and any condition!



Construction or Repair of a House

Needs Significant Repairs

Needs Significant Repairs

Family on Cemetery Mourning Deceased Relative

Deceased Owner

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Outstanding HOA Dues

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Late Taxes

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Behind in Mortgage Payments


Non-Owner Occupied

Judge's Hammer and Gavel

Leins and Judgements and More

YSM Home Solutions

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Dallas, Texas

+1 (214) 302-7814


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Monday to Saturday

9:00 am to 6:00 pm

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